Strategy Is Everything

Why marketing strategy matters in dentistry

If you’re trying to grow a dental practice to multiple 7 figures in revenue, you are going to be competing with very intelligent hard working dentists and corporate DSO’s. We cannot just come up with a half-baked idea of what we think “might work” to generate new patients. We need to take the time to do a detailed competitive analysis of what your competition is doing, what they’re weak at, where are the gaps, and how can we exploit their weaknesses to our advantage.

Competitive analysis and marketing strategy are the cornerstone of any great digital marketing plan.

Competitive Analysis of top local dental practices

There are several ways to analyze what your top competition is doing to get more new patients.

  • Organic SEO Ranking Audit – Organic SEO produces the highest quality leads out of any other marketing channel, so it’s vital we make this a cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy. We will run a detailed analysis of which dental practices rank at the top of Google & Bing for your target keywords such as “dentist + [your city]” or “dental implants + [your city]”. By analyzing which practices rank for each keywords, we can start to understand why Google is prioritizing their websites over other local competitors. We can then model the methods behind their success, and add-on our own creativity to beat them in their organic rankings.

  • Website Audit – Our team will take the time to look at the design and structure of your top competition’s websites. We’ll take note of the content on their homepages, services pages, about us sections, any social proof the have and any offers that might be driving new patient revenue.

  • Google Ads Audit – Most dentists hear about Google Ads from a friend and they immediately go and try to launch their own marketing campaigns on the Google Ads platform without giving much thought to it. Google Ads is a HIGHLY competitive platform in dentistry. We must be aware of ALL of the ads running in your city for the specific services you want to advertise. Don’t worry, we make this easy. We have a tool that allows us to take screenshot all of all your competitors ads within a 24 hour window. This will give us an idea of the competition you’re dealing with. From here, we can reverse engineer a better offer and strategy for your Google Ads campaigns.

  • Facebook & Instagram Ads Audit – We will use multiple tools to spy on the image and videos ads of your top competition. What messaging are they using? What video formats are they using? What offers are they making? All of these will play a role in how we make your ads better.

  • Funnel / Landing Page Audit – Most dental practices use two types of web properties to generate new patient leads – websites for organic traffic and landing pages for paid traffic. It’s highly likely that your top competition is using funnels or landing pages for their paid ads across Google, Facebook, & Instagram. We will take the time to identify what landing pages they are using and we’ll breakdown each step from the opt-in page to the thank you page. Important note here: never plagiarize a competitors landing page. This is illegal and can result in huge legal fines. We’re simply observing the competition’s funnels and landing pages so we can make a BETTER asset of our own. Many practices and agencies take the lazy, illegal path of just downright copying other people’s work. We would know this, as we have had to legally pursue many individuals who have tried copying our material as a marketing company. Let’s just say things didn’t end well for the people who plagiarized our work.

  • Secret Shopping – This takes competitive analysis a step further. Call your top competition pretending to be a potential patient and ask them questions to learn about their pricing, how they handle objections, what financing options they offer, and more. You may find out that the top dental practices use an after hours phone answering service or they front desk staff sounds way better on the phone than your own front desk staff. Take notes on what you find.

Value Driven Ads’ Proprietary Marketing Strategy

Once we have conducted our detailed competitive analysis, it’s time to take our findings and execute upon our proprietary marketing strategy. Our approach is different from the great majority of other dental marketing companies. We have take a blended multi-platform approach. However, you’ll see that our execution is much more detail-oriented than most agencies. Our Co-Founder Keanu made a video explaining this process below.


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